Monday, February 3, 2014

Starting up again.

Hey I am finally starting to write some more blogs again! I am going to start slowly getting back into the couponing and free samples.

Today I'll just give you a couple of free sample deals!

 Free baby latches

Latch Simple

Pantene Shampoo Samples

Free Sample of  Farrow and Ball Wallpaper
(These are great for crafts.)
Click the “add free sample to bag button” on each product page.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Couponing Stars Have Aligned.

Sometimes I get in a couponing slump and there's no good coupons or sales out. Well yesterday that did not happen.

First it all started with the mail. I got my Target Beauty bags in the mail. One for me-- and one for a friend. These are so great, they have pretty good samples and coupons in them--and they come in this cute little bag.

I get one every time they come out, because they send out so many. So if you see an offer for them-- jump on it. Better yet, tell your friends to 'like' Living on a Nickle page so they can know when to get one too!

Another wonderful freebie I got in the mail was a $10 off Victoria Secret purchase and a free pair of  panties (no purchase required!)

I also got some other obscure samples... too, like Carnation Breakfast drink sample. Yum.

But my favorite part of the couponing day was when I went to do doubles at Albertsons.

I ended up getting Heinz White Vinegar, Paper towels, Kraft salad dressing,-- for FREE! Its a a big deal for me because that $3-5 that I would have spent, now get to stay in my pocket!

If you still want to get a free bottle of Heniz White Vinegar, get this Sundays Newspaper 6/24. In the Red Plum insert there is a coupon for $1 off. For more info go here.

I ended up getting Popcicles for $0.50. A Pyrex glass mesureing cup for $2.89. Butter for $0.89. 3 packs of gum, all for $0.50. ( I did this by doubling $1 coupons, therefore making them $2 off. Like the Pyrex cup was $4.89. You get the idea.) Also some items were on promotion, if you got 10 of participating items you saved $5. Therefore making Barilla Pasta $0.75, instead of $1.25. Pretty good save.

Total price of this was $23.71! That's a savings of about 50%, maybe a little more.
I'm not the math-wiz.
Well I hope someone get some ideas from this. Any questions or help with couponing send me a message or such. I'd love to help any of you in Rexburg learn to coupon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

6/3-6/5 Albertsons Doublers: Challange Butter, Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash, Emerald Breakfast on the Go...

Sorry that I did not post my last doubling trip. Totally forgot. Honestly I feel like people are reading these posts...but I get no feed back. I have no idea if any of you are actually gettting any of these deals? Help me out here!

Well the most common thing I hear when people say they do not coupon is because they never can find any GOOD food. Well I have scoured to find good food coupons and useful products for this post! I mean I found a BUTTER coupon! Those are really rare!

Your welcome.

Challange Butter Quarters-$2.50
Double: $1/1 Challenge Butter Product 

Emerald On The Go Product $2.50 (These are SO yummy! S'Mores are my favorite!) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Samples.

Free sample of OB tampons 

Free Sample McDonalds Cherry Drink Free Cherry Berry Chiller at McDonald’s w/Coupon
In Sundays newspaper there is a coupon in US Today or Parade for a FREE McCafe Berry Chiller. Nice FREE treat to cool ya down!

'Like' the Mrs. Dash Facebook page and get a free sample pack of their seasonings.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

FREE Craisins, free Emergen- C kids, and Procter and Gamble.

Yesterday I got the GREATEST freebie in the mail! A coupon for FREE Craisins by Ocean Spray! I was so excited because I just love those little guys.

How did I get these? Well there is a promotion on Facebook on the Ocean Spray page. Not everyone will win, but its a worth a try. Just go to their page and 'like' them and then go to the 'Make the Swap' icon and enter your email!

Also another freebie to sign up for: Emergen-C Kids Complete Multi Vitamin

Have You Tried This Yet
Another one of my favorite places to get freebies and coupons is Proctor and Gamble. They have different things that you can choose to get samples. Last time I ordered: I got wipes, a diaper, dish soap sample and some coupons. You can only order every once a quarter.

Check out my next post on my Albertson's Trip where I get a lot of really great things free or cheap!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MORE Double Deal Ideas for Albertsons!

Hey so I promised that I would do some research at Albertsons and then get some more ideas for double deals! Here they are!

Shoppers Value MIlk 2.39
Double $0.75/1 any brand milk coupon (Valid in UT and ID) (Zip 83440)
Little Remedies: Saline Solution $3.79
 Double $1/1 Little Remidies (Zip: 83440)
Snack Pack pudding $1.25
 Double $1/3 Snack Pack Pudding Coupon (Zip: 83440 )
= $1.75 for 3 or  $0.58 each

Orbit White Gum 3 pack $2.89
 Double $1/1 Orbit or Eclipse Gum 3 pack (Zip:30303)
= $0.89 or $0.30 each

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries F$2.99
 Double $1/1 Alexia Sweet Potato Item (Zip: 83440)

Friday, May 18, 2012

UPDATED:Albertsons Match up Deals for Doubles!

 UPDATED:Albertsons Match- up Deals: Double Deals

Albertsons is getting Double starting 5/20-5/22! I have noticed that there seems to be a frenzie in the Albersons store and a lot of the REALLY great deals are already taken. A lot of shelf clearing goes on in the Rexburg Albertsons. (Its NOT nice to clear shelves!)

...So I am here to give you some OTHER deals so that you can still do doublers.

 For more help on how to double read my previous Albertsons Double post click here.

Red Barron Pizza $3.00
( I hope this type is still incuded)
 Final Price=1.00
Sorry that kind was not incuded in this sale. BUMMER. 
But the Price for the Red Barron Best Pizza is $6.69 so with the coupon it would be $5.69. :) Still an ok deal.

Albertsons Brand Cheese Medium Cheddar (2 lbs) $6.99
Double$1/1 Any Brand Cheese (2 lbs or larger) (zip 83440)
Final Price= $4.99

Garnier Frutis Shampoo, Conditioner 13 oz. 3-10.2 oz. $3.33 ea
Final Price=$1.33 ea
Shoppers Value Milk $2.39
Final Price: $.89
Albertsons Butter $1.99
Final Price: $.89

(PS: This coupon will say DO NOT DOUBLE but Albertsons states in their policy that they will still double these coupons.)

Well here are some to help you out. Later I'm going to the store to check out some more prices. So look for   some more doubles deals TOMORROW!